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AT2030 Partnership

The AT2030 programme, Low cost, mass market, life-changing AT for all, was launched in July 2018 at the Global Disability Summit in London.

On March 28, 2019, The Minister of State for International Development, Lord Bates, announced that UK AID, from the British Government was doubling its investment in the flagship AT 2030 programme from £10million to £19.8million. This will be 100% matched by the private sector, country governments, academic institutions, NGOs and other partners.

Over five years, AT2030 will test ‘what works’ to improve access to AT and will invest in and support solutions to scale with a focus on innovative products, new service models, and global capacity support. The programme will reach 9 million directly and 6 million more people indirectly to enable a lifetime of potential through life-changing Assistive Technology. 

AT2030 will work on this by developing partnerships which break down and overcome the traditional barriers to AT access. By bringing partners who traditionally don’t work together, including people who haven’t worked before in the AT space, we know there will be difficult conversations. However, these interactions have already started to pay dividends with new thinking and approaches being tested in over ten countries.