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Case Studies

Lower limb amputation is a major surgical procedure that can completely change a person’s life. Access to an appropriate lower limb prosthesis can help restore mobility and confidence. With an appropriate prosthetic leg a person who had an amputation can reach the functionality that allows them to resume their role in work, family and community life. Unfortunately, over 25 million people around the world, most of whom live in low and middle income countries, do not have access to the prosthetic services that they need.

Man and woman testing wheelchair

The long term goal of the Innovate Now ecosystem is not only to accelerate local innovation to ensure that more people have access to assistive technology; but also to become an example of how a new inclusive innovation model, to be replicated around the world, could revolutionise the world and make Kenya the world leader in assistive technology innovation.

Wheelchair 3D printing

As part of the AT2030 programme, the Global Disability Innovation Hub supports Motivation in testing their new provision system in Kenya to evaluate the quality of the new designs and understand how distributed manufacturing through 3D printing could augment current wheelchair service provision models.

HI community health workers in Uganda interacting with a walking aids user

As part of the AT2030 programme, Humanity & Inclusion is testing the feasibility of extending their new digital manufacturing approach to provide bespoke orthotics devices across three refugee settlements which are located in North West Uganda. GDI Hub has partnered with Humanity & Inclusion to support them with the research components of the project, to ensure that robust evidence is collected and analysed across all sites. The long term goal of this project is to create digital manufacturing hubs across the region that can support better provision of bespoke prosthetic and orthotic devices to people who live in refugee camps in the East African region.