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The AT2030 Programme seeks to transform access to life-changing assistive technology (AT) such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, hearing aids and glasses by creating partnerships with the private sector to build and shape markets testing innovative approaches and backing ‘what works to get AT to those who need it the most.

AT2030 will reach 9 million people directly, these include:

  • People given direct access to AT their families or community where direct benefit is derived
  • Innovators, entrepreneurs, & innovation activity participants
  • The people who have access to new products / services developed through the programme
  • People participating in research; digitally accessed programme resources & Information
  • Partner organisations where capacity is built
  • People directly benefiting from stigma reduction activities e.g. through a schools programme or community intervention

AT2030 will reach 6 million people indirectly through reach of:

  • Broader communities not directly impacted but benefiting from implementation activities (e.g. non-AT users in a community implementing inclusive design)
  • People with access to the Paralympics being screened on TV

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