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Capacity & Participation

Building partnerships, capacity, and community solutions; maximising the power of the Paralympics to overcome stigma and promoting inclusive design.

To accelerate access to AT, learn from and build the capacity of existing community-led activities, build on lessons from London 2012 capturing the effect of the Paralympics on enabling a shift in attitudes within a country and to work with communities and stakeholders to improve accessibility of the built environment, this programme cluster undertakes action-research working in informal settlements  in Sierra Leone and Indonesia to scope community-led solutions to AT and to develop mechanisms for the amplification of the views of AT users.

This cluster also supports the development of research in pilot countries and the development of a series of international case studies to highlight the opportunity and cost-effectiveness of inclusive design.

Moreover, the cluster continues to support ATscale the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology to catalyse change, amplify existing work, and facilitate access to AT.


Build Capacity & Participation: led by The Development Planning Unit (UCL) with input from Leonard Cheshire, is investigating community and informal provision of AT.

Inclusive Infrastructure: led by GDI Hub, will develop a framework for accessible  environments with six cities.

Sport Against Stigma: led by Loughborough University, will use the Paralympics to overcome Stigma.

Grow the Global Partnership: support ATscale and grow global capacity.

Freetown informal settlement