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Country implementation

Laying the foundations for market shaping and systems-level change.

To address the need gap and significantly scale up the provision of affordable and appropriate AT, to align and consolidate global efforts as well as to lay the foundations for systems-level change, and to allow countries to trial national AT provision models, this programme cluster will test market-shaping methodologies including market plans, product narratives and tools —assistive product specifications, rapid AT-assessment, capacity, assessments, supplier mapping. It will also develop models of integrated service provision, screening and training tools to identify populations needs for AT.

Moreover, this cluster will also include work with two countries to trial their National AT provision model consisting of collectively procured AT, personnel training, and service provision with clear sustainability tracking.


Drive Availability & Affordability: led by The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), is developing AT Product Narratives to inform global investment and scoping  market-shaping opportunities.

Open-Up Market Access: led by GATE (WHO),  is developing AT product specification; a procurement guide; new training modules; trailing one-stop AT delivery; and developing  new tools.

Country Capacity Assessment: it will be undertaken in ten countries, with rapid  investment in two.