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Data and Evidence

Improving data and evidence to enable better decision making and unlock investment into AT.

This cluster is leading the research on reimagining value, impact, and return on investment. It is gathering evidence to measure progress against the mission and developing an Economics of AT framework methodology. A core part of this work is to understand the factors driving discrimination and stigma, which stifle demand. All of the work conducted in this cluster will help to support the World Health Organization’s first World Report on Assistive Technology.  


Research, Evidence and Impact: led by GDI Hub at UCL with the support of the IIPP, ALL Institute, and Leonard Cheshire Disability,  is framing the economics of AT around a  mission led approach; developing a return on  investment framework; and researching what  works to overcome stigma. 

The work is further described in the first AT2030 Working Paper, which can be downloaded via the link below. 

Applied Research Fund: led by GDI Hub, will issue research funding calls to address AT challenges, informed by the World Report on AT. 

The AT2030 Data & Evidence team work hard to disseminate our findings quickly through working papers and conference attendance. Please see the recent and upcoming outputs from the team below. 


AT2030 Working Paper.

WHO GREAT paper on AT2030.

Upcoming Activities 

Global Research, Innovation, and Education in Assistive Technology (GREAT) Summit  

AAATE 2019 – the flagship conference for AT in Europe