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Sparking innovation and supporting new products and service delivery models to scale access to AT.

To improve the use of emerging technology for accessibility, spark AT innovation, and scale up proven Assistive Technology and associated service delivery models, this programme cluster works to establish an Innovation Ecosystem in Kenya, create a Challenge Fund for AT innovation acceleration, and support start-ups to scale solutions to new service delivery approaches and disruptive technologies. The Innovation Ecosystem supports an Acceleration programme, Live Labs, and an AT Makeathon.


Spark Innovation: Spark Innovation has a focus on East Africa and comprises of the following activities:

  • Inclusive innovation ecosystem in Nairobi (Innovate Now): Disabled people can and should be at the forefront of the design of AT which are fit for purpose and affordable and meet their needs. The ecosystem has been designed with the Government of Kenya and GDI Hub and is now being led by AMREF Enterprises.  The ecosystem is described in our submission to the WHO GREAT Summit. Innovate Now was in part informed by results from the Revolution in wheelchair Provision and AMPARO trials.
  • A Revolution in Wheelchair ProvisionLed by Motivation, this is the first of two projects which will demonstrate their ability to scale. Building on the success of a grant the project will use novel manufacturing methods, specifically 3D printing to provide bespoke seating and modular wheelchair construction.
  • Changing Prosthetic Service Delivery with Amparo: GDI Hub has partnered with Amparo to support a clinical trial to evaluate how the Amparo Confidence Socket could help the provision of lower limb prosthetic in Kenya. Read more in our AAATE paper .
  • AT Innovation for Humanitarian ResponseLed by Humanity & Inclusion, the second proof of concept project will again build on successful demonstration funding. It combines telemedicine and 3D printing, in order to provide bespoke orthotic devices and splints for use in emergencies and remote settings.
  • Horizon scanning to harness the power of mobile and ICT: Through the research undertaken to scope the disability mobile gap, opportunities will be uncovered with mobile operators and disabled people to close this gap. This work is being led by GSMA.

Innovation Hub India: led by the WHO, UCL and the Indian Council for Medical Research we are exploring a new partnership to deliver an Innovation Hub in India with regional reach.

Innovation Scale Fund: led by GDI Hub, the Assistive Technology Innovation Scale Fund (AT-ISF) will invest in disruptive AT innovations to demonstrate their ability to scale. The fund will launch in 2020 – watch this space!

Panel of 8 people presenting the Kenya Innovation Ecosystem