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The Programme

The Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) leads the AT2030 programme. Over five years, AT2030 will test ‘what works’  to improve access to AT and will invest £20m  to support solutions to scale. With a focus on  innovative products, new service models, and  global capacity support, the programme will  reach 9 million people directly and 6 million  more indirectly to enable a lifetime of potential  through life-changing Assistive Technology.

The AT2030 consortium will overcome the  traditional barriers to AT access, by bringing  together partners who traditionally don’t work in the AT space and AT users with experts  and innovators who have ideas that can scale.  These interactions began in 2018 with new  thinking and approaches being tested in over 15 countries in Africa and Asia.

Group of people carrying a prosthetic fitting in Kenya

AT 2030 is made up of four programme clusters.

Each cluster has been designed intentionally to test novel approaches and are the first of their kind.


Data & Evidence




Country Implementation


Capacity & Participation