GDI Hub and partners side events at COSP

Louise Gebbett
June 9, 2023

Join GDI Hub-led side event - exploring 'What Works' to improve access to life-changing Asssistive Tech (AT) for all: 

GDI Hub, His Majesty's Government United Kingdom (UK), The World Health Organization and in partnership with UNICEF, ATscale and The International Disability Alliance for a unique insight into testing and backing new approaches. This session will reflect on learnings from UK aid funded AT2030 programme, led by GDI Hub, to test 'What Works' to improve access to life-changing AT. This is a story of innovation and learning. 

  • When? Tuesday 13th June 6:30pm - 7:45pm (EDT)
  • Where? Conference Room 4 and online UNTV

Full list of side-events GDI Hub are co-hosting and supporting with partners

👥 🖥️ [Monday 6:30pm - 7:45pm EDT: Conference Room 7 & webcast]
Comprehensive Approaches to Disability Inclusion (hosted by World Bank Group) - GDI Hub CEO Dr Vicki Austin will address the event. Details and registration

🖥️ [Tuesday 9:45am - 11:00am EDT: online]
Inclusive Urban Development: Accessibility as an enabler for reaching under-represented groups of persons with disabilities (co-hosted by UN-Habitat India, UNRCO India, Global Disability Innovation Hub) - we'll be sharing more on our Inclusive Infrastructure work. Details and registration

👥 🖥️ [Tuesday 6:30pm - 7:45pm EDT: Conference Room 4 & webcast]
‘What Works’ to improve access to life-changing Assistive Technology (AT) for all (co-hosted by Global Disability Innovation Hub, WHO & His Majesty's Government United Kingdom) - find out more about our UK aid funded AT2030 programme. Streamed live on UN Web TV 

🖥️ [Wednesday 9:45am -11:00am EDT: online]
Breaking Down Accessibility Barriers Through Localisation: Presenting and unpacking recommendations for States Parties to accelerate implementation of accessibility (hosted by WBU- we'll be joining the panel to share more on our work around Inclusive Design. Streamed live - register using virtual platform link.

👥 🖥️ [Wednesday 1.15-2.30pm EDT: Conference Room 4 & webcast]
Digital Assistive Technology Challenges and Opportunities: The Potential of Mobile Devices (Jointly organized by IDA, WHO, ATscale, UNICEF, GDI and the Permanent Mission of Brazil) - CEO Dr Vicki Austin will address this event. Streamed live on webcast. Streamed live on UN Web TV. 

Full list of side-events and details can be found on the COSP website:

Side events at COSP