1. Include

Creating deep community leadership and engagement.

We’ll amplify stories and knowledge driving inclusion through partnerships, networks and DPOs.

With advocacy and engagement across key sporting and cultural moments, we’ll empower for change in collaboration with AT users and the disability innovation community.

Co-developing storytelling narratives for social change we’ll challenge stigma, while building knowledge and understanding by testing and scaling community engagement strategies to accelerate impact. Our Para-Sport Against Stigma programme will explore new and innovative ways of to amplify para sport activity and drive change as we power change through dissemination.

We will develop a network of Disabled Peoples Organisations (DOPs) aligning to Assistive Technology – developing foundational knowledge on what’s available within each country. By designing research alongside these DPOs, we’ll work collaboratively to address AT access, while building mechanisms for AT user engagement.

Using digital, social, and participatory events across our programmes we will maximise knowledge dissemination, build collaborative opportunities, transfer knowledge capital and advocate for change across emerging and established audiences.

Include sub programmes: 

  • Para-Sport Against Stigma 
  • DPO and AT User Engagement 
  • Sector Events and Engagement 
  • Amplification of the Paralympics