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  • Assistive Technology Survey - launch event

    Global Disability Innovation Hub, International Disability Alliance
    March 27, 2024

    The Assistive Technology Survey aimed to collect data on the general prevalence of assistive products and AT needs among AT users and potential users, pinpointing and identifying the barriers that limit the access to AT in LMICs. Join the launch to hear more on the findings of this important report.

  • Global Assistive Technology User Network - launch events

    International Disability Alliance
    March 26, 2024
    7am CET

    International Disability Alliance, Global Disability Innovation Hub, UK aid funded AT2030 programme and ATscale, the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology are delighted to be launching the Global Assistive Technology User Network, a global platform for collaboration, networking, exchange and conversation about Assistive Technologies.

  • [Zero Conference Session] Smartphones - Assistive Technology shows its truly transformative potential

    Global Disability Innovation Hub, ATscale
    Feb. 22, 2024
    12pm GMT

    Hear how GDI Hub, ATscale and Google are working on access and digital training to support disabled people maximize their phone use, especially in low-and middle-income countries.

  • [Zero Conference: panel member] A Model for Transforming Investment in Disability Inclusion

    Global Disability Innovation Hub
    Feb. 22, 2024

    How can disability inclusive economies and industries be supported? This Session will provide answers, highlight approaches, and launch a new initiative in the disability inclusion investment world. Join and understand how to cultivate the technical capacity of disabled entrepreneurs and disability inclusive businesses in targeted markets.