2. Inquire

Generate new evidence & insights.

We’ll answer critical research questions and develop foundational methodologies, addressing intersectional challenges and research and evidence gaps.

Our emerging data portal will provide a pivotal knowledge resource for stakeholders across the disability innovation space, with enhanced data science and artificial intelligence-driven mechanisms to maximise resource impact and amplification.

Strengthening data and creating better evidence will also be a focus as we use our expertise in population-based research design to enhance accurate data for evidence-making across partners and stakeholders.

The impact of mobile, access to devices and digital skills that enable people to use mobile as AT will also be a key research theme – as we look to understand what is needed for mobile applications to be a successful assistive technology for people living in LMICs.

We’ll generate new data and insights with increased focus on Trauma, Social Justice, Mobile and Emerging Technologies (AI), and ‘AT for What’.

Our Fellowships programme alongside the Royal Academy of Engineering will accelerate emerging talent, answering key research questions and building research capacity in LMICs.

Inquire sub programmes:

  • Data & Evidence Portal
  • Mobile & Emerging Technology
  • ‘What works’, Trauma and Social Justice
  • RAEng Fellowship Programme