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AT2030 blog posts aim to share knowledge about the programme and the importance of Assistive Technology.

15 April 2020

Opportunities and challenges for disability inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic by Giulia Barbareschi and Mikaela Patrick, GDI Hub

19 March 2020

COVID-19 response: using Assistive Technology learnings to seek emerging market ventilation solutions by Louise Gebett, GDI Hub

25 February 2020

The Politics of Making Disability Visible in Community-led Urban Research by Dr Ignacia Ossul Vermehren, research fellow working with the Build Capacity and Participation subprogramme led by The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (UCL)

10 December 2020

How can operators drive the inclusion of persons with disabilities? by Clara Aranda Jan, GSMA

3 December 2019

Celebrating International Disability Day in Sierra Leone by Vicki Austin, GDI Hub

3 December 2019

Understanding the Assistive Technology Landscape in 7 African Countries by Novia Afdhila, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

3 December 2019

The mobile disability gap: how do persons with disabilities access and use mobile in Kenya and Bangladesh? by Clara Aranda Jan, GSMA

18 November 2019

How a school football game changed Arnold’s life by Ines Amri, Amparo Prosthetics

18 October 2019

Assistive Technology Changed My Life by David Constantine, Motivation

18 October 2019

ISPO Congress Summary by Giulia Barbareschi, GDI Hub

6 October 2019

Life Changing Assistive Technology for All in Freetown and Banjarmasin by Hawanatu Bangura, SLURC

17 August 2019

Reflections on the challenges that people with disabilities face in Kibera, Nairobi by Ben Oldfrey, GDI Hub

30 July 2019

One small step for an amputee and a giant leap for Amparo and GDI Hub by Giulia Barbareschi, GDI Hub

16 July 2019

Generating insights on mobile products and services for disability: takeaways from the field by Clara Aranda, GSMA

27 March 2019

Do we have the right Global Strategy to build access to AT? by Vicki Austin