Sulaiman F Kamara

Research and Community Officer

Sulaiman Foday Kamara is a research and community officer at SLURC, with a background in Geography and environmental science and International studies from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and Urban planning and management from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

 Sulaiman was previously a data mapping consultant and data communication officer with UNICEF Sierra Leone and was a member of the team that implemented the Urban Planning Project that developed the first ever Freetown Structure Plan. He has a strong interest in planning and urban regeneration and currently the focal person for the informal settlements and community-related groups in Freetown. He has been at SLURC from 2016 and has work in various research projects including; Urban Livelihoods in Freetown’s Informal Settlements, Humanitarian Responses and Empowerment Outcomes in Informal Settlements, Building Collective Capacity to Disrupt Urban Risk Traps, Community Action Area Planning and Change by Design, KNOW: Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality and Overdue; Tackling sanitation taboos across Urban Africa and also Supporting in the  “Community-led solution: Assistive Technologies in Informal Settlements'' in Freetown (Sierra Leone).

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