Assistive Technology Capacity Assessment Survey Mongolia Report

Dr. Sunil Deepak, Global Disability Innovation Hub, World Health Organization, Tegsh Niigem
April 25, 2021

Country Capacity Assessments

The Country Capacity Assessments (CCAs) are a joint initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) and CHAI under the AT2030 programme and funded by UK aid. The AT2030 programme is led by GDI Hub.


An Assistive Technology Capacity Assessment (ATA-C) survey in Mongolia in 2019. This survey was the first step in the effort to improve and strengthen the Assistive Technology (AT) services in the country, as part of the action following the resolution 71.8 of the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2018. WHO’s ATA-C survey has 4 questionnaires, these were translated and field tested in Mongolia. In collaboration with Tegsh Niigem, a Mongolian NGO, the major stakeholders involved in policy, acquisition, procurement, production and distribution of assistive products in the country were interviewed and compiled the WHO questionnaires. All together 47 persons were interviewed. This report presents the key findings from this survey.