AT DIGEST: Issue 1

Global Disability Innovation Hub, International Disability Alliance
Sept. 1, 2023
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AT Digest is a quarterly publication curated by the International Disability Alliance with the objective of increasing awareness about the possibilities offered by assistive technology as experienced by its users. Additionally, it aims to disseminate information to a broad spectrum of assistive technology stakeholders, such as present and prospective users, manufacturers, and policymakers.

Fellows of IDA and GDI Hub’s Assistive Technology User Fellowship Program are the key creators of this publication, as they share their experiences, highlights from project activities, and author insightful, original articles. This issue of the AT Digest is about CRPD jurisprudence on assistive technology. Fellows have collaboratively authored a substantive article titled Evolution of CRPD jurisprudence on Assistive Technologies through Concluding Observations: An analysis from Global South perspectives by analyzing AT related recommendations from IDA's compilations of CRPD Committee's concluding observations.