1. Data & Evidence

Improving data and evidence to unlock investment into AT

  • Leading the research on reimagining value, impact, and return on investment
  • Gathering evidence to measure progress
  • Developing an Economics of AT framework methodology
  • Understand the factors driving discrimination and stigma
  • Support the World Health Organization’s first World Report on Assistive Technology


  • Research, Evidence and Impact: Led by GDI Hub at UCL with the support of the IIPP, ALL Institute and Leonard Cheshire Disability. Framing the economics of AT around a  mission-led approach; developing a return on  investment framework and researching what  works to overcome stigma.



Headshot of Giulia smiling

Dr Giulia Barbareschi

Researcher in assistive technology
Maria Kett smiling

Dr Maria Kett

Co-Founder of GDI Hub, Associate Director and Head of Humanitarian and Associate Professor at UCL
Catherine Holloway

Catherine Holloway

Co-founder, Academic Director of GDI Hub and Associate Professor at UCL’s Interaction Centre.