1. Data & Evidence

Improving data and evidence to unlock investment into AT

  • Leading the research on reimagining value, impact, and return on investment
  • Gathering evidence to measure progress
  • Developing an Economics of AT framework methodology
  • Understand the factors driving discrimination and stigma
  • Support the World Health Organization’s first World Report on Assistive Technology


  • Research, Evidence and Impact: Led by GDI Hub at UCL with the support of the IIPP, ALL Institute and Leonard Cheshire Disability. Framing the economics of AT around a  mission-led approach; developing a return on  investment framework and researching what  works to overcome stigma.


  • Powering Inclusion: AI and AT. The findings of an online expert roundtable

    Global Disability Innovation Hub, University College London, UNESCO's International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence, European Disability Forum, Jožef Stefan Institute
    March 29, 2021

    This briefing summarises the findings of an online expert roundtable on AI and AT held in November 2020. The event brought together experts working at the forefront of AI and AT to highlight the potential of using AI for AT.

  • New economics of assistive technology: A call for a missions approach

    Catherine Holloway, Vicki Austin, Sarah Albala, Rainer Kattel, Felipe Ramos Barajas
    Jan. 25, 2021

    Part of the Data & Evidence Cluster this working paper answers one of the three main research questions: A Mission-Led Approach. This paper proposes a public sector-led, mission-oriented approach. While setting the mission and the directionality is the role of government, NGOs, industry, AT users and the charity sector are able to drive forward the agenda of AT access through their own essential and complementary roles.

  • Access to life changing spectacles for millions. A new vision for KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

    Clinton Health Access Initiative
    Oct. 2, 2020

    The publication gives an overview of the challenge, what works and next steps. Under Cluster 3: Country Implementation of the AT2030 programme, CHAI is partnering with country governments to identify opportunities to drive availability and affordability of AT.


Headshot of Giulia smiling

Dr Giulia Barbareschi

Researcher in assistive technology
Catherine Holloway

Catherine Holloway

Co-founder, Academic Director of GDI Hub and Associate Professor at UCL’s Interaction Centre.
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Dr Maria Kett

Co-Founder of GDI Hub, Associate Director and Head of Humanitarian and Associate Professor at UCL