UK government to double investment in AT2030 to £19.8million because of 'amazing early results'

Global Disability Innovation Hub
March 28, 2019

The Minister of State for International Development, Lord Bates, announced today at the Sightgeist event in London, that the Department for International Development (DFID) is doubling its investment in the flagship AT2030 programme from £10million to £19.8million. This will be 100% matched by the private sector, country governments, academic institutions, NGOs and other partners.

Lord Bates highlighted the GDI Hub's incredible early results: 'at the Global Disability Summit we announced £10M and it's been such a success that we've decided to almost double our investment to £19.8M'.

This doubling of the investment will mean triple the impact on the people that need it most. As the lead organisation for the AT2030 programme, the GDI Hub will be able to now reach up to nine million people with improved access to Assistive Technology (AT) and Assistive Technology services.