Dr. Abdulaya Dumbuya

Head of Dorothy Springer Trust, Sierra Leone

I am a Disability Rights Advocate and Inclusive Education (IE) Expert with 15+ years experience in engineering, technology and management (including 25 years study, residence and work) in UK.


A disabled person myself with a deep knowledge of the Sierra Leone Persons with Disability (PWDs) Act 2011. I was brought up in institutional care of the Leonard Cheshire Home in Freetown. I have collaborated with many disabled organisations to transform the lives of 

disabled people in Sierra Leone by preparing them for skilled employment through the provision of training in Information, Communication Technology, so that they can participate more fully as equal members of society. 


I have written on disability issues, chaired many disability conferences and won awards for advocacy work for disability rights and reforms.


I am the Disability Advisor on the Assistive Technology 2030 project which aims to “Build Capacity and Participation driving community-led solutions”; investigating the overarching research questions of: “How can collective and community-led responses, empower disabled people to access better life outcomes, through increasing relevance and uptake?"


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