Fitria Eka Ramadhini

Research Assistant

I work in a civil society organization, named Kaki Kota in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. As part of the AT2030 programme, I support Kota Kita Foundation team as local researcher assistant. I establish direct contact to the community in the informal settlements and support the research activities, such as interviews, surveys, focus groups discussions, and photography workshops. I realise that making Banjarmasin as an inclusive city is not only depending on the government, but we as a community also have a role in doing so. Through AT2030 programme, I want people to realise that we have the same rights, a chance to live inclusively in Banjarmasin. It's been up and down so far, but yet amazing and fun to work with the team and the community. I learned so much by doing this work, such as about disability, assistive technology, research methods, and many other things. It's going to be an incredible experience for me.

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