Disability Innovation in Pakistan

Maryam Bandukda
June 21, 2024

GDI Hub has been driving disability inclusion and innovation globally since 2018 through our flagship AT2030 programme. With the launch of the third cycle of AT2030 and increased emphasis on storytelling and regional capacity building, GDI Hub is not only growing our expertise in new areas of research but also geographically expanding our research and practice portfolio.

GDI Hub is working alongside global and local partners in Pakistan through our work with the Asian Development Bank, our UKAid-funded AT2030 programme, and our academic research and innovation acceleration. Last week, GDI Hub’s Dr Maryam Bandukda and Pollyanna Wardrop visited Islamabad and Karachi in Pakistan to speak with partners and stakeholders with expertise in and delivery of capacity building, AT innovation, inclusive employment, economic inclusion, and the social welfare of people with disabilities.

Alongside the delivery of workshop and project-specific activities, this visit provided a unique opportunity to meet instrumental decision-makers, innovators, advocates, and researchers from across Pakistan's growing disability innovation sector – to explore collaborative learning and future opportunities.

Workshop: Storytelling for Disability Advocacy

As part of her work on AT advocacy and storytelling, Dr Maryam Bandukda also ran a workshop with a student cohort of the Blind Institute for National Awareness & Empowerment (BINAE) Education Foundation, an OPD providing quality education, vocational training, and personal development opportunities for people with visual impairments with the aim to achieve financial independence and social integration.

A group of participants using arts and crafts materials to create their stories

Participants designed stories showcasing resilience, perseverance, and inclusion of people with disabilities in society

A story showcasing a lake made with blue slime and pink desert dunes and planes made from pink play-doh and toy cars and trees depicting the location as an oasis in the desert

A story showcasing the inclusion of people with disabilities in leisure and tourism