Hawanatu Bangura

AT2030 Field Researcher

Hawanatu is currently working with Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) as a Field Researcher in the action research project “Community-led solution: Assistive Technologies in Informal Settlements'' in Freetown (Sierra Leone). Hawanatu is the lead in the action research project in Freetown and acts as a liaison for two informal settlement communities (Dworzark and Thompson Bay) with a focus on people with disabilities. She hopes to continue learning new skills in this project that will positively impact her future career plans.

During the post Ebola Recovery Program of Sierra Leone, Hawanatu worked in the Operation Clean Freetown Initiative of the President's Delivery Team to manage solid waste in the city of Freetown. During the current Administration of Freetown City Council, she led the coordination of four main sectors including disability, in the development of the Transform Freetown Plan of Freetown City Council.

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