Online survey to collect insights on critical aspects of assistive technology device use and access

International Disability Alliance
Nov. 22, 2023

The Global Report on Assistive Technology, jointly published by WHO and UNICEF and co-sponsored by AT2030, revealed a critical issue: nearly one billion people are deprived of access to assistive technology. While it is widely acknowledged that individuals with intellectual, developmental, cognitive, or psychosocial disabilities do have significantly lower levels of access to assistive technology, there is also a scarcity of global data on the issue. In an effort to remedy this lack of data, the International Disability Alliance (IDA) is delivering a project funded by GDI Hub titled Positioning OPDs as Equal Partners on AT. The project intends to strengthen the role of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations, in advancing the use of and access to assistive technology devices. Central to the project is, therefore, collecting knowledge and research from persons with disabilities on this topic.

This online survey has been built to collect insights on critical aspects of assistive technology device use and access, as identified by individuals with disabilities and their representative organizations.

The objectives of this survey are:

  • To gather evidence on the overall prevalence of need and access to assistive devices among persons with disabilities.
  • To identify disability groups that have lesser access to assistive devices and services.
  • To identify barriers faced by underrepresented groups to access assistive technology.

Who can participate in this survey?

  • Persons with disabilities (Users and potential users of assistive technology)
  • Leaders and members of local, regional, and global organizations of persons with disabilities (OPD)
  • Self-advocates

Complete the survey: