Assistive Technology Data & Insights Portal - a vision for a highly accessible tool to serve the global Assistive Technology ecosystem

Global Disability Innovation Hub
Jan. 26, 2023
United Kingdom

Globally the Assistive Technology (AT) space is developing rapdily, and alongside this comes a growing demand for highly accessible data & insight portal to serve the wider ecosystem, stakeholders, researchers and decision makers. Without a relevant and accessible source of data and insight, participants are struggling to connect, engage, research, invest, source, scout, procure, and contribute to the evolution of this nascent and rapidly growing global ecosystem. We are looking to change this.

Existing tools to make information available for people often do not provide comprehensive information about the multidimensional factors affecting life with a disability. To bring them to one portal can be useful both for the user of assistive products but also key decision makers, innovators and investors in this sector. 

We are in the process of convening a consortium of ecosystem partners, subject matter experts, and the very best digital innovators to design, develop and deliver a state of art solution. If you would like to be involved in the development of the solution, please content Head of Innovation Ben Hardman: