Mobile Disability Gap [webinar] access and impact of mobile technology

Global Disability Innovation Hub
April 5, 2022
AT2030 Resources

Exploring access and impact of mobile technology including mobile as AT, data collection and information.

About this event
This Disability Innovation Live event, hosted by Global Disability Innovation Hub, will explore the Mobile Disability Gap - with specific emphasis on mobile as AT , mobile as data collection and mobile for information.

During this session we'll look at;

  • Research learnings
  • Role of mobiles in AT (as an enabler for digital AT)
  • Challenges in access & availability
  • Barriers of mobile (specifically in global south) including network, price point, reception
  • Barriers to use of tech (and how this limits the possible impact on disabled people), e.g. accessibility of the mobile itself and the technology being created for mobile use

We're all explore the impact and why this all matters - as well as the solutions to reduce the gap.

We’ll hear from a range of experts, with a focus on research and industry partnerships that are driving this conversation.

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