National Assistive Technology Standards of Sierra Leone

Ministry of Health and Sanitation Sierra Leone
April 19, 2023
Sierra Leone
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This document was developed to guide the procurement of assistive products in Sierra Leone. It is intended primarily for procurement teams, implementing partners and donors working on providing AT devices for all forms of disabilities. It should be read alongside the Assistive Technology Procurement Guidelines of Sierra Leone and the Assistive Technology Products List of Sierra Leone. Assistive products are any external products, including devices, equipment, instruments and software, especially produced or generally available, the primary purpose of which is to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning 
and independence and thereby promote their well-being. Assistive products are also used to prevent impairments and secondary health conditions. Wheelchairs, spectacles and hearing aids are among the many assistive products that enable people with functional difficulties to participate meaningfully in daily life. Without them, people are often excluded and isolated, while the progression of their disease or functional difficulties may be exacerbated. Determining the assistive product and service requirements at the planning stage of a procurement process is essential to its success. These requirements will be expressed in a procurement specification that forms the basis of a tender announcement, which suppliers use to formulate bids and the procurement team uses to evaluate bids received. It is crucial for adequate planning and resourcing, and for selecting the right assistive products, suppliers, and follow-up services.