Project Relate Training

Global Disability Innovation Hub
Dec. 31, 2023
Case Studies and Reports

Project Relate is an Android app in beta testing designed to assist people with non-standard speech communicate more effectively. Non-standard speech can encompass a variety of conditions, such as dysarthria, which can make it difficult for others to understand what the person is saying. Project Relate uses machine learning to personalize speech recognition for the user .

Here are some of the key features of Project Relate:

  • Listen: The app transcribes the user's speech into text on the screen .
  • Repeat: The app can repeat what the user has said in a clear, synthesized voice .
  • Assistant: The app helps users interact with Google Assistant on their Android devices, even if the Assistant has difficulty understanding the user's speech normally .

The website linked provides training on Project Relate Click the link to engage with the content