It's a Much Harder Journey: Scaling Assistive Technology Innovations to New Markets in Africa

Global Disability Innovation Hub
Jan. 30, 2024
Academic Research Publications



Access to Assistive Technology (AT) in Africa is severely limited, with less than 25% of those who need AT have access to it. This paper examines three cases illustrating the journey of scaling AT innovations in African markets to enhance access. Our methodology involves within-case and across-case analyses, highlighting the significant impact of contextual factors on assistive product design and service delivery. Key insights from these cases include the importance of securing standard approvals and demonstrating tangible benefits to build trust in emerging ecosystems. Modular, versatile, and customizable AT solutions proved crucial for adaptation and scalability without requiring substantial additional investments. In conclusion, this study emphasizes the profound role of context in shaping AT innovation. Addressing challenges and opportunities identified in these cases contributes to the discourse on enhancing AT innovation scalability, ultimately improving access for those in need of AT.


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