Signs TV Case Study

Global Disability Innovation Hub
Feb. 27, 2023

Signs Media TV was launched in 2015 when the company applied to the Communication Authority of Kenya for permission to run a television station broadcasting in sign language and was granted the permission. In February 2017, Signs Media started broadcasting on free-to-air platforms – Signs TV and is also found on channels like GoTV and StarTimes. The platform broadcasts in Kenyan sign language with voice as an override, airing films, movies, music (both gospel and secular), and Bible interpretation. Its main objectives are to educate, inform, and entertain in sign language, by extension enhancing disability and the deaf culture, where 80% of the programs are hosted by persons with disabilities.
Their target audience includes but was not limited to the deaf, persons with albinism, persons with visual impairment and persons with mobility challenges.At the beginning,the company broadcasted in 14 counties reaching 300 persons with disabilities and so far in 37 countries with a general audience of 1.5 million with 550,000 persons with disabilities.

Since being a member of GDI Hub’s Innovate Now’s accelerator program, the team at Signs Media has been recognized for its high-quality journalism, with several of its journalists and reporters being awarded for their outstanding work. These awards are testament to the platform’s commitment to producing accurate, relevant, and insightful news and information.

Signs Media KE is a dynamic and forward-thinking platform that is dedicated to providing its readers with the best possible news and information. The platform has made impressive progress since its launch and is poised to continue making waves in the Kenyan media landscape for years to come.

Below is their case study showing their innovation journey and future aspirations.


Signs TV Innovation journey