Signvrse Wins Prestigious Innovation Award and National Business Competition

Harrison Kamau
Dec. 21, 2023

In a groundbreaking recognition of innovation and inclusivity, Signvrse, previously known as Veezaviz, achieved remarkable success at the Kenya Innovation Week (KIW) 2023, Commonwealth Edition. Co-founder Elly Savatia was honored with the esteemed Commonwealth Secretary-General’s Innovation for Sustainable Development Awards, spotlighting the exceptional strides made by this tech pioneer.

The heart of Signvrse's innovation lies in its flagship product: a cutting-edge mobile application that leverages AI-driven sign language avatars to provide real-time interpretation of spoken language into sign language. Designed to foster inclusivity, the app empowers the Deaf community by facilitating effective communication across various spheres such as education, healthcare, and employment.

This trailblazing venture, a proud alumni of Innovate Now's Accelerator Program in Cohort 4, has received widespread acclaim for its commitment to breaking barriers in the digital space and amplifying the voices of those often marginalized.

Adding to their string of victories, Signvrse emerged triumphant in the 'Plug Mtaani-Vijana2Invest' business competition, an initiative focused on nurturing youth entrepreneurship. This win underscores Signvrse's dedication to not only innovative technology but also to the empowerment of the younger generation.

Signverse founder Elly receiveing an award

Elly receiving the 'Plug Mtaani-Vijana2Invest' business competition, a national youth entrepreneurship strategy unlocking the potential of the youth

For a deeper insight into the groundbreaking work of Signvrse and their impactful journey, follow the link below to read the exclusive spotlight on their exceptional contributions. [Link Here]

The accolades garnered by Signvrse underscore the power of innovation in creating a more inclusive and empowered society, marking a significant milestone in the realm of technological advancement and social change.