The Story of Khadijatu Bangura

March 31, 2024
Sierra Leone

Khadija's story

Globally, there remains a significant need for affordable and comfortable prosthetics that can aid independence, inclusivity and health equity. This is particularly true in areas that have experienced conflict, and within lower/middle income countries. Working with governments, charities and other key partners on the ground to provide access to our prosthetics, in areas of the world that need them the most, is the focus of our dedicated Global Access Team. We have been lucky enough to secure a grant as part of the Assistive Technology Impact Fund (ATIF), under the banner of AT2030, which aims to increase access to assistive technology of all kinds, all over the world.

The ATIF grant focuses on Africa and so in 2021 we began work on our first project in the region, in Sierra Leone. The country has a disproportionately high number of amputees, due to its recent history of civil war but also other factors, such as road traffic accidents. As well as a percentage of individuals born with a congenital limb difference. There is a significant need for prosthetics, coupled with a lack of access and also a strong stigma around having limb differences. Working with key partners, we hope to change that.