Vicky's Story

Humanity & Inclusion
June 23, 2021

Transforming Lives through Innovative AT: Vicky's Story

Life in a refugee settlement can be so difficult and challenging. You can imagine how it is like to trek so many kilometres fleeing a conflict from your home country. You can also now imagine the challenges Persons with Disabilities go through 365 days a year. This is twice the suffering experienced by other people, in terms of accessing services, information, the discrimination that comes from being different. With the advent of the global pandemic, the impact been even devastating. Amidst these challenges, Persons Living with Disabilities in refugee settlements have not been left behind. With the innovative technologies and rehabilitation services offered by Humanity & Inclusion, so many lives of Persons Living with Disabilities have been greatly transformed.

6-year-old Vicky, a resident of Rhino-camp refugee settlement is the second-born in an extended family of eleven. Together with her family members, she fled South Sudan in 2016, when she was only 2 years due to the war.

: Vicky undergoing physiotherapy sessions at the HI rehabilitation centre.

Vicky was identified by Humanity & Inclusion (HI) community-based volunteers in October 2020 and became a beneficiary for the 3D PETRA project financed by AT2030. She was assessed from HI Fixed Point by contracted Consultant and HI Field Staff through TeleRehabilitation/Tele-Medicine and her eligibility was determined. She qualified and was recommended for a special Cerebral palsy seat which would help support her trunk thus enabling her sit comfortably for a longer time. Measurements were done by the team and in January 2021, the seat was provided to help improve her condition and make it easy for her to sit for a longer time