Video: Disability, Resilience and Inclusion in our Cities

Kota Kita
Feb. 13, 2023

Disability, Resilience and Inclusion in our Cities

Cities worldwide are increasingly exposed to the growing impact of climate crisis, from increased heat, intense weather changes to disasters. This video tells the story of people living with disabilities who might be at most risk from these times of uncertainty. It is reported in this video, that 1 in 7 people around the world are disabled, and approximately 80% of persons with disabilities live in potentially highly-climate vulnerable countries. When a disaster occurs, like floods or extreme heat, orientation and mobility are top priorities for people with disabilities. 

In this video the residents of Benjarmasin City share stories of the impact of weather changes on their assistive technology and lives, examples include:

"If the weather is not good, I have to take shelter first so that my hearing aid is not damaged by water. This device is not waterproof"

"During the flood earlier this year, it felt like the floodwater came out of nowehere, I could only stay on my bed because I couldn't walk through the floodwater"

Local stakeholders tell the need for disability-inclusive, climate resilent action, to ensure that disaster responses are genuinely inclusive, from sirens to accessible escape routes.