Video: Inclusive Public Space in Pelambuan

Kota Kita
Feb. 6, 2023

Building Capactiy and Participation for Community Led Solutions

This video tells the story about a community initiative into inclusive public spaces that was developed following a research study with assistive technology users, people with disabilities and other community users. The researchers from Kota Kita worked together with the community from Pelambuan to co-design inclusive public spaces that were for everyone: Children, older adults, residents and people with disabilities. A participatory process was developed alongside researchers at UCL that enabled the community to imagine, conceptualize and design their vision of public space in Pelambuan. 

The process of the co-design was not only about conceptualising what a public space could look and feel like, but also facilitating the community to think about disability issues that exist around them. This knowledge sharing and awareness raising was an impactful and important part of the process. Kota Kita wanted to foster a sense of ownership and belonging from the community of Pelambuan. Participants of the co-design process reported developing new knowledge of design processes, that they had never had the chance to experience before.