Webinar summary: launch of the AT2030 Inclusive Infrastruture Case Study in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Louise Gebbett
May 6, 2021

Image Text: Creating more inclusive cities with people with disabilities in Mongolia. Event summary from the launch of our AT2030 research report on inclusive design and accessibility in Ulaanbaatar

Event Summary

Mongolia is emerging as a leader in Asia in terms of its efforts and commitments to disability inclusion and has a unique opportunity to leverage inclusive design to create more inclusive cities.

The stakeholders gathered for this event represented some of the great initiatives and partnerships that are taking place in Ulaanbaatar and across the country to advance disability inclusion in the built environment and other sectors.

Speakers included the British Ambassador to Mongolia, H.E. Mr Philip Malone; the Minister for Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia, H.E. Ms Ariunzaya Ayush; and the Country Director for the Asian Development Bank, Mr Pavit Ramachandran.

There was consensus about the need to start somewhere, start now, and work together to achieve Mongolia’s vision for a more inclusive future.

Mongolia is at the crucial stage of developing a new accessibility law and the report presented by GDI Hub and partners during this launch offers a unique piece of research on the topic of accessibility in the city of Ulaanbaatar that has been co-produced with people with disabilities who live and work in Mongolia.

The case study report offers insights in to the day to day experiences of people with disabilities living in the city and presents lessons learned and recommendations. Our researchers found that Mongolia’s legal framework is well developed, but implementation is lacking. Accountability can be developed through stakeholders working together and involving people with disabilities in both design and decision-making.

There is a need to ensure high quality implementation of standards and to consider inclusive design in city planning and from the early stages of any infrastructure project.


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