Communicating inclusive design in different ways - a story from Medellín, Colombia

Global Disability Innovation Hub
Dec. 18, 2023

Between December 2022 and July 2023, GDI Hub’s Inclusive Design team worked in Medellín, Colombia as one of our AT2030 Inclusive infrastructure case study cities.

This work was delivered in partnership with local organisation, El Comité, Corporacion Social and engaged 18 persons with disabilities and 18 policy and built environment stakeholders to help understand how inclusive the city was. The report is available in both English and Spanish.

During the launch of this report, we tried something different. We worked with Whee, an organisation based in Medellín, to produce accessible and easy to read graphics and videos to communicate the key findings of the project to diverse audiences, in both English and Spanish. These graphics were first sketched out live during the launch event, and then later reviewed and edited for clarity.




This is part of a wider project in the Inclusive Infrastructure team to look at how we can communicate about inclusive design in different ways, including visuals, to support a desire from the sector to understand what good ‘looks like’. More on that to follow next year.


Download the graphics