What works to improve access to AT

Diane Bell, Catherine Holloway, Vicki Austin, Natasha Layton
July 13, 2023
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Executive Summary

AT2030 is creating a step change in global access to assistive technology. Since 2018, AT2030 has reached 28 million people in more than 35 countries with over 150 initiatives and an investment of nearly 40 million pounds (including match-funding).

A unique approach: AT2030 approached this mission with a disability innovation lens, embracing disruptive technologies and market shaping approaches. Conducted with key global stakeholders including national governments, AT2030 asked: What works to improve access to life-changing assistive technology for all?

Impacts and outcomes have been substantial and groundbreaking. Data and evidence has been generated on a bold set of interventions across product and system innovation, capacity building and participation, as well as country implementation.

The ‘What Works’ Report provides a comprehensive interim snapshot of the AT2030 programme to inform the sector and guide future work. Bringing together the evidence produced by AT2030 over the last 4 years (October 2018 – July 2022) along with the reflections of multiple stakeholders and the AT2030 Advisory Board, the ‘What Works’ report includes:

  • Who we are: AT2030 programme and partners, and the unique AT2030 mission led approach
  • What we did: Methodology used to critically evaluate ‘what works’: surveying key partner survey and critical review of 98 programme outputs
  • The global need: Review of assistive technology and the global context
  • The AT2030 Evidence Base: Comprehensive listing of AT2030 research and knowledge translation outputs.

Read the full report here: Full report or access the highlights summary here: highlights summary

This report was written by Associate Professor Diane Bell, Dr Natasha Layton, Professor Cathy Holloway and Dr Victoria Austin. It should be cited as follows:

Bell, D., Layton, N., Holloway, C.  and Austin, V.; 2022. What Works to Improve Access to AT? Interim Findings from AT2030. GDI Hub: London