2. Innovation

Supporting new products and service delivery models to scale

  • Improve the use of emerging technology for accessibility
  • Spark Assitive Technology (AT) innovation
  • Scale up proven AT and associated service delivery models
  • Establish an Innovation Ecosystem in Kenya
  • Create a Challenge Fund for AT innovation acceleration
  • Support start-ups to scale solutions to new service delivery approaches and disruptive technologies
  • Ecosystem acceleration programme
  • Live Labs and an AT Makeathon


  • Spark Innovation: Delivering AT innovations in East Africa through inclusive innovation ecosystems, AT accelerator, service delivery and wheelchair provision. Horizon scanning to scope the disability mobile gap and programmes to address stigma. 3D printing for humanitarian response and an AT Makeathon.
  • AT Impact Fund: The AT Impact Fund is a grant-funded investment vehicle and ‘Scale Studio’. It is committed to supporting innovators and entrepreneurs to get Assistive Technology solutions for low-income populations on a path to success.
  • Innovation Hub India: Led by the WHO, UCL and the Indian Council for Medical Research we are exploring a new partnership to deliver an Innovation Hub in India with regional reach.



Catherine Holloway

Catherine Holloway

Co-founder, Academic Director of GDI Hub and Associate Professor at UCL’s Interaction Centre.